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Is Your Mobile Online Store Still Troubled by SNS Marketing? Do it This Way!
Is Your Mobile Online Store Still Troubled by SNS Marketing? Do it This Way!
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Whether it is about promoting products or relaunching old products, ignoring social networking sites(SNS) can be the biggest mistake that no brand owner can afford to make. SNS has been proven to be a primary source of information for buyers. Most consumers these days consider researching products online and rely on influencers' recommendations on social networking sites before purchasing anything. With 4.55 billion social media users, SNS marketing has become an effective way to influence buyers – that’s what most of marketers think.

Building result-driven marketing strategies are as important as creating fast loading mobile online stores for buyers. Those ensuring the best mobile shopping experience for consumers is highly likely to boost sales.

What Is SNS Marketing, anyway?

SNS marketing is an effective way to boost sales by connecting consumers and increasing their engagement. Professionals who specialize in marketing build result-driven strategies by analyzing data related to potential customers’ search habits, buying habits, location, etc. From building a brand to increasing engagement and sales — SNS marketing can benefit mobile online stores in many ways.

How to Do SNS Marketing – Tips for Marketers

-Build brand awareness

Once you are ready with the products, you must let the target group know what you are offering. Before launching new products on the market, build your brand. With constant social media posts and a unique brand voice, you will soon create a buzz in the market to build brand awareness.

-Advertise with a unique personality

Since there are billions of people who stay active daily on SNS, and most SNS users follow a business, we can learn what a big role social networking sites can play in increasing sales. It is not practical to make all of them your target group, but you can reach more active users.

So, how to reach more active users? By offering targeting tools, social media platforms can help you reach your potential customers. What you need to do is to advertise your brand through social media sites and convince your target audience to take specific actions – like visiting your mobile online store, adding your products to the shopping cart, etc.

-Let customers speak for you

If you want your mobile online store to be more prosperous, please don’t forget to make the best of your existing customers. Letting them speak for your brand or products is a good way to help polish your brand name and attract more new customers. Those unfamiliar with you may not buy your own boast and (who won't speak high of themselves, anyway?), but they are more inclined to listen to the others' feedback, especially when they are former buyers who actually tried your products or experienced your services.

-Listen to all feedback

It is inevitable for a mobile online store to receive negative feedback, but how you deal with these feedbacks determines the future of your store. Try to respond to harsh feedback respectfully rather than attacking someone personally. Consider carefully listening to positive and negative feedback and responding to them calmly.

AllValue – the Best Solution to Website Building and SNS Marketing

To make the most of SNS marketing–use an advanced mobile store builder with the best features. AllValue offers stunning eCommerce website templates specially designed for SNS marketing.

Benefits of the Best Mobile Online Store Features for SNS Marketing

AllValue eCommerce sites come with advanced features, perfect for SNS marketing. Want to know how it can be beneficial for marketing? Here are the answers:

-Incentivize social sharing

AllValue enables everybody to create an one page website all in one link, where traffic can be boosted, sales promoted, more customers reached and converted, and social sharing encouraged. That's how the brand owners distinguish themselves through a new path.

-Acquire new customers and increase conversions

AllValue provides almost everything to build a one-pager website with a social sharing feature for your audiences. Just create perfect social campaigns and share them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more to grab the attention of new customers. To increase conversion and ROI, don't forget to pay attention to track users' behaviors who visited your website.

-Convert visitors to repeated buyers

The best thing about AllValue is that it allows mobile online store owners to create the superior shopping experience for consumers. Social sharing features, mobile-first design, and a safe shopping environment – are reasons why AllValue can play a significant role in converting your one-time visitors into repeated buyers.

SNS Marketing and Good Website Design – the Secret to Business Growth

Of course, SNS marketing plays a vital role in eCommerce business growth. But website design is no less important. AllValue makes it possible for brand owners to build responsive and mobile-first websites with social sharing features. To know how to make the most of SNS marketing with your mobile online store created by AllValue, check out the website now.

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