What is AllValue?

AllValue is the easiest one-page website builder that helps consolidate your content and grow any business on all social networks like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter, whether you are a brand owner, retailer or creator.

We make it easy for you to create a one-page website , that really matches your personality and brand. With our free and beautiful pre-made templates, you don't have to worry about spending hours trying to find the right look. Just set up your account, choose a template, and start adding your content!

Staying profitable while keeping your audience engaged is tough. AllValue also offers you some features such as request links for better engagement with your communities. In this way, you can offer a range of individual, personalized services or anything that your audiences can pay to request. All in all, AllValue is an amazing solution that helps you monetize your audience, keep them engaged and promote/sell any products or services across social media. Our success is measured by your business's success.

What are the differences between AllValue's one-page website and a link in bio?

Link-in-bio is one kind of one-page website, usually known as a link inserted in social media bio. However, AllValue's one-page website is more than that. You won't be limited in your creativity by fixed templates and layouts, you can design everything with AllValue.

Our highly customizable templates and blocks enable you to design a simpler website professionally like traditional ones, but with a more continuous and fluid user experience. You can use AllValue to literally create your event invitations, resume, brand's new collection, and more. And feel free to put AllValue links in your email signatures, group chats, and anywhere, not just in your social bio.

With AllValue, we also make it easier for brick-and-mortar stores to run their business. Our downloadable QR code can be printed on packages, posters and ads to point your customers to any page you want, such as information gathering, rewards, booking or others.

Why do you need to create an AllValue link?

Brands/retailers can share the latest collection, discounts, and affiliate programs on AllValue; creators/influencers can share their latest work on your bio page to attract new followers; paid content creators can set up request links for their followers to ask to support their work. AllValue has all the features that brands and creators ever need to grow your following, boost your business, and monetize your content.

Why does AllValue have better value compared to other links in bio tools?

  • Lifetime free, and unlimited links on your AllValue page.

  • Many features are available in the free plan, even generating QR codes, Contact Me, Like Button, Subscription Links, Request Links and so on. Check for more details at: allvalue.com (you can stay tuned, more free features are rolling out soon)

  • You can also susbcribe for Pro, with competitive price: only $2.99/month if billed annually.

  • Local currency support: with over 150+ currency options, you can set up prices in your local currency.

  • Quick and real staff support for all users.

  • New features update every month.

Compared with other link-in-bio tools, what is the characteristic of AllValue?

Fully customizable and easy to use

You don't need any coding or design skills. Our templates are ready-made and fully customizable, with options for font styles, shape styles and background colors, and even images and videos can be embedded. AllValue allows you to connect with all audiences on different social platforms and get the most out of your content. In this way, you can share any information about yourself and sell your products and services with ease.

Lifetime free in-depth analytics

With AllValue, you can view your AllValue page analytics within a custom date range. You can get valuable insights including views & clicks track, social media analytics, location-based analytics and marketing traffic analytics. This way, you are able to better measure your business goals and optimize your content. Best of all, we're offering this feature for free! (You need to pay for it on Linktree!)

More than a bio link tool

We know that there are many bio linking tools in the market. But AllValue is different, we are not just a bio linking tool. We value high-quality engagement with your audience, which we believe is a key factor in business growth.

AllValue is not only a free QR code generator but also an easy-to-use tool to increase audience engagement (Tipping and Donations, Rewards, Subscription Links, Request Links, Like Buttons etc. See more details, Please visit: allvalue.com)这里跳到定价页

Why pay for AllValue Pro when you can use AllValue free forever?

Key Pro features:

  • Pages: up to 10 pages that you can set up. Share and enjoy turning creativity into anything with your teammates and friends.

  • Local Video Upload: Embed videos from your desktop or phone with ease.

  • Subscription Links: customize your content to help visitors subscribe to your newsletters. Gain more leads and grow your business.

  • Info collection: want to convert your first-time buyer into active customers? Don't forget to collect their emails & phone numbers. Build your own contact lists of your audience for your next marketing campaign.

  • Reward: set requirements( e.g. retweet a specific tweet, subscribe to your channels, or others) for your followers to gain giveaways or free samples. Create more audience engagement with AllValue.

Plz stay tuned, more pro features will be rolling out soon!

How do I market my business with AllValue?

We enable AllValuer to analyze a lot of data within our dashboard.

  • You will know your page data, such as page views & clicks, audience geo-location, and visiting sources (social media, email, search, QR code etc.);

  • Your page performance data, such as which link or content you've updated on your AllValue page got the most clicks;

  • Your customer and supporter info, such as the top subscriber or donor of your page each month.

All these data insights will help you optimize your page setting and content-creating strategies for greater success.

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