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E-commerce: Traffic but No Sales? Solved It With AllValue.
E-commerce: Traffic but No Sales? Solved It With AllValue.

Grow on social media and grow as social commerce.

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Allen Hill is a fashion designer and own an athletic apparel brand, ONE GO Sport. In 2020, known as the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic period, Allen started selling products online. Instead of paying for ads, Allen posted products on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, intending to attract new customers from social media to his website.

Even though the followers has been adding up, there is no increase in sales. Searching the questions like 'how to turn visitors into customers', 'how to sell on Instagram', 'how to drive traffic to business', etc., Allen found some positive answers from

How to Drive Traffic to Business

With AllValue, ONE GO Sport had make an increase in sales of 30% in the third quarter of 2022. There are three main winning strategies:

Create a Navigation With AllValue Link

Most e-commerce owners put the only website link of store at the social media bio, so did Allen at first. After troubleshooting, Allen found the store homepage looked unfit on mobile and unclear for visitors to find their path, because the store website was originally designed for PC.

AllValue's one-page website can function seamlessly on any mobile devices. Therefore, Allen created a navigation with AllValue Link, with each block linked to a category page, like T-shirt, sneaker and sport bra. The intuitive navigation can easily capture visitors' attention and have significantly lowered the bouncing rate.

New Arrivals/Hot Sales Products on Instagram for E-commerce

Collect Emails by Rewarding Coupons

As for the reason of collecting email list, Allen explained, "Creating an email list of interested visitors and nurturing them into customers later is one of the effective ways to grow revenue for my business. "

While Allen has already made a pop-up form at the store homepage, he also used AllValue Link to grow email list and SMS list from various social media. "It is easier to convince someone to leave a contact info than to make a purchase out of pocket. Besides, I can reward audiences with discounts or freebies with the feature of AllValue Link, REWARD." , Allen said.

Exactly, promotional offers can entice visitors to leave email address. While click-through rates for homepage forms hover around 0.2%, conversions are as high as 9-11% for AllValue Link.

Collecting Emails by Rewarding Coupons on instagram for e-commerce

Put New Arrivals/Hot Sales Products Upfront

As a highlight , Allen also put the individual products on AllValue Link page, including:

  • hot sales

  • new arrivals

  • seasonal items

The pictures of individual products help potential customers quickly form an impression of your brand, before they get further into your store. At the same time, clear call-to-action buttons, like BUY NOW, can push them more likely to choose an item and check out. Putting products upfront with AllValue Link is an efficient way to optimize conversion rate.

Allen suggested to promote 4-10 items. "Better make it simple and clean. You don't want to overwhelm your visitors with too many choices."

Put New Arrivals/Hot Sales Products on instagram for e-commerce

*The name and company info have been changed to protect the privacy of the interviewee.

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