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6 AllValue Use Cases For Merchants And Freelancers On Social Media
6 AllValue Use Cases For Merchants And Freelancers On Social Media
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Whether you’re using social media for personal reasons or you want to expand your business, the best way to promote yourself is by adding a link in your bio, so your followers and potential customers will learn more about you and hopefully move down your sales funnel.

Linking to your website or blog from your social media profiles is a great way to drive traffic to your content. People can be taken to designated pages, for example, taking them from social media to a blog post you've written or the home page of your website. You can also use the link in bio to promote the products or services you offer.

This article will show you some of the best practices of AllValue on the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and the benefits you can get by using AllValue.

Without further ado, let's get started!

What is a one-page website?

A one-page/single website is simply a website that only contains one HTML page. There are no additional pages, such as an About, Features or Contact Us page, which largely makes the user experience more continuous and smooth and in return helps improve conversion rates.

AllValue is a smart and fast one-page website builder that combines multiple links to connect all your content and business in one link for your bio(actually anywhere) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok and other social profiles. This way, you will get a custom landing page where audience can easily explore all of your important links in one place – without having to search through your posts or Instagram captions!

instagram_link in bio_ecommerce.png

AllValue generates a clickable link that you add to your profile in your “About” section. This link takes people to a different page where they can learn more about you, your service, and/or your product. It can be the home page of your website, your personal blog, your online store, or any other service or landing page you want to turn focus to. The idea is to make it super-easy for your followers or customers to subscribe or buy what you’re offering.

Benefit 1: Turn your followers to buyers

One of the best AllValue benefits is closely tied to any small or medium-sized business. In fact, that is the reason why any business should have a social media platform. As you can lead your audience i.e., potential customers, directly to your best-selling products – or to any product for that matter.

We were talking about this before sending your followers to a specific page where they can take action and buy your product.

See how our merchant OSOTEK uses AllValue to direct us not to their homepage but to their latest or probably top-selling collection.

link in bio facebook and instagram osotek.png

Benefit 2: Involve followers in competitions/giveaways

Everyone loves gifts and free stuff. If you’re looking to empower your brand, build trust, and increase the number of followers, organizing competitions or giveaways is one of the best ways to go.

You can do this most efficiently when you use your social media profiles. But we’re not talking about sharing an informational post about the giveaway only once and hope many people will see it. If you’re serious about the competitions, you need to make sure people will be constantly reminded about it.

The best way to do that is to add an AllValue link to the giveaway in your bio section. However, if you are using an AllValue Link page and do not want to change the link, you can simply add the link to the contest on your AllValue page.

link in bio  instagram for organization.png

Typically, the competition/giveaways will require followers to add their info and enter the contest. AllValue allows you to collect any information you need.

Benefit 3: Direct people to download ebooks or other digital products

Another great way to use AllValue in bio for business is for selling online books. Let’s say you’re a solo marketer – or a marketing agency. You promote your brand by giving something for free to your audience. It can be your own written material or books or your works you have the right to sell. Once one of your followers clicks on a link in the bio section, they will be redirected to the ebook download page or something else.

Benefit 4: Grow your email list subscribers

When running a business, your Instagram, Facebook, or even your TikTok account is your social media visit card. When visitors or your followers visit your profile, your bio is the first thing they see when they want to learn more about your business and your offer.

You can use this space to actually direct them to join your email newsletter by using AllValue link to create a subscription page. The number of characters in the "About" section is limited, but with AllValue you can put as much key and persuasive information in it as possible.

Benefit 5: Affiliate marketing

As a business, you can connect your business with anyone and create an affiliate program to increase sales.

This way, influencers and other people will promote your products or services in the best possible way – stating how good they are, saying that they have a great relationship with your brand, etc.

The way they will use link in bio to redirect their followers to the page you want to promote regarding your own products or services. In return, they will earn commissions. This is the easiest way to be promoted without spending a lot of time coming up with persuasive content.

Benefit 6: Invite others to support your works

If you want to use social media to raise awareness and invite others to support you or/and your works. People feel good when giving tips. Why not turn that interaction into an exciting new connection. Instagram does not have a built-in virtual tip jar, but you can easily add one to your ins profile with the help with AllValue. This profoundly increases the likelihood of getting paid by your audience. With AllValue, you can keep 100% of your earnings. There are no service fees.

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