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6 Tools You Can't Miss to Help You Sell More in Social Commerce
6 Tools You Can't Miss to Help You Sell More in Social Commerce
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How Popular is Social Media in Doing eCommerce?

The usage rate and popularity of social media have a significant impact on social media eCommerce. Social commerce is mostly done on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest platforms. Facebook and Instagram, which are the platforms most used by marketers to publish advertisements, have turned social media platforms into social media eCommerce shops with shopping buttons that can be placed on pages and galleries.

Social commerce tools help companies to build brand awareness, manage social media workflow, communicate with customers, and generate more sales, which are getting easier and easier to gain today. Better even, if specific steps are applied, the desired result can be earned quickly and easily. Selling on social media has recently become one of many people or companies' most preferred sales methods.

Benefits of Social Commerce

With the effect of the power of social media, e-commerce has become one of the fastest growing and developing business lines with rapid acceleration. Social commerce contributes to higher rank in search engine and increases brand awareness by keeping the brand on social networks. Social media enables online retailers to reach new markets and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Here are five business benefits of social media commerce:

1. Enables rapid growth of customer base.

2. Social commerce increases search engine ranking.

3. Establishing more effective communication with customers, increasing both social media and website traffic.

4. Interactive communication allows you to create customer loyalty.

5. Social media business metrics allow you to measure site traffic and data.

Commonly Used Tools for Social Commerce Marketing

The standard way to redirect Twitter or Instagram followers to a different link is to click "see link in bio." However, there are bio-connection tools that provide this service more professionally. We have reviewed 6 of the best social commerce tools for you.

1) Linktree

Linktree is a popular social commerce marketing tool for creating a list of links on Instagram's bio. The layout of the page looks like a tree of links which is so easy to remember by just it is. With Linktree, you can redirect everything you want to your website, store, or blog.

2) LikeShop

LikeShop can be seen as a complete solution for the social commerce. With the help of LikeShop, you can use the link-in-bio feature to direct Instagram users to your website instantly. Basically it’s one of the most effective social commerce tools available.

3) Bitly

Bitly is mostly known as a popular URL link shortener, but that's not all. In addition to processing billions of web link clicks each month, Bitly is a powerful online marketing tool used to track clicks, view site recommendations and get an idea of which geographic locations most clicks are coming from.

4) Tap Bio

Tap Bio allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio, just like any other application. Tap Bio allows creators, influencers, or entrepreneurs to link to their followers for products or services they promote.

5) SproutLink by Sprout Social

SproutLink by Sprout Social combines a variety of social media tools, from social media planning to monitoring and reporting, into a single platform. It includes social CRM applications, social networking software, brand management software, and social media marketing software.

6) LinkPop

LinkPop allows committed customers to place orders on the landing page without going to another website. LinkPop is a reliable method for simultaneously promoting your social media channels and items. Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube social media buttons can be seen on landing pages.

How Can AllValue Help in Achieving Your Social Commerce Goal

After introducing top 6 social commerce tools, some of our readers are already wondering this: how can AllValue help me, anyway?

AllValue is the easiest one-page website builder that helps consolidate your content and grow any business on all social networks, whether you are a brand owner, retailer or creator. The AllValue linkinbio solution allows users to include a clickable link in their social media profile bio. This link can be used to direct users to a specific website, page, or product, and it is often used to promote products, services, or events, or to provide more information about the user or their content.

Using AllValue can be beneficial because it allows users to easily and quickly access more information or take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. It can also help increase traffic and engagement on the linked website or page.

Best of all, AllValue provides our users with beautifully pre-made themed templates, some monetization features and page data analytics for free. With AllValue, you can better engage with their audience and thus drive more traffic to where you want them to go, whether you are running your business online or offline.


AllValue offers integrated solutions that serve on a global scale, including establishing e-commerce companies, preparing websites, managing social media channels, and supporting e-commerce processes.

Every year, AllValue implements the installation and development projects of thousands of entrepreneurs' and companies' websites, e-commerce sites, and starts managing social media channels with their innovative social commerce tools. With more than five thousand members, AllValue is China's leading e-commerce SaaS solutions provider.

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