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Exploring Bio Sites: Unearthing Linktree Alternatives for Restaurants in 2023
Exploring Bio Sites: Unearthing Linktree Alternatives for Restaurants in 2023

Uncover the power of link in bio for restaurants and explore Linktree alternatives like AllValue Link to boost sales

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What's a Bio Site, Anyway?

A Bio Site, also known as link-in-bio, is like your business's digital identity card - think of it as a compact version of your restaurant's website, neatly packing the essentials like your menu, reservation, contact details, and social media links. It's minimalistic, branded, and presents key information your customers might need.

Some platforms let you customize your Bio Site profile for your restaurant, café, or food truck, allowing you to select the links that matter most to your business. Integrating this profile link with your social media platforms can increase audience engagement and direct customers to the crucial aspects of your business.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Bio Site?

Today's consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to explore, make decisions, and purchase - with a lot of this activity happening on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Providing a quick path for these viewers to reach your menu, booking options, and contact details is essential.

By offering a Bio Site, you ensure your customers have immediate access to important information like delivery options, coupons/vouchers and opening hours, creating a seamless and efficient user experience. If a potential customer finds your restaurant's mouth-watering Instagram posts, a Bio Site can quickly lead them to the menu and other key information, driving social engagement, increasing brand recognition, and potentially boosting bookings and deliveries.

What Are Your Choices?

There's a range of alternatives to Linktree that cater more specifically to restaurants. Whether you're creating a bio site for Instagram, TikTok, or another social platform, you have several tools at your disposal, including AllValue Link, by Later, Milkshake,, and Unfold by Squarespace.

AllValue Link

AllValue Link is a one-page website builder (also called link in bio tool) that allows restaurant owners to sell coupons and vouchers on their link in bio. Customers can purchase these digital coupons and vouchers on the AllValue Link page, and then redeem them at the restaurant.

AllValue Link is a great way for restaurants to attract new customers and increase sales. By offering digital coupons and vouchers, restaurants can reach a wider audience and encourage people to try their food. Additionally, digital coupons and vouchers are a great way to reward existing customers and encourage them to return. by Later by Later is a link in bio tool that allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio, including your website, blog, social media profiles, and more. It is a free and easy-to-use tool that can help you to improve your Instagram marketing and drive more traffic to your website.


Milkshake is a link-in-bio tool that allows users to create multiple Bio Sites for different social accounts. This is a great feature for power users who want to be able to easily switch between different Bio Sites depending on the social account they are using.

In addition to pure links, Milkshake also allows users to create ‘pages’, which are mini-websites that can be used to showcase more content, such as images, videos, and text. This makes Milkshake a powerful tool for businesses and individuals who want to create a more engaging and informative experience for their followers.

Unfold (by Squarespace)

Unfold is a Bio Site platform created by Squarespace. It offers additional features that other Bio Site platforms don't, such as built-in image editing, hundreds of prebuilt layouts, and a pro paid tier that allows for publishable social stories, all managed from one place.

Why Choose a Bio Site Product Tailored to Your Industry?

When picking from various Linktree alternatives, remember your industry and what your Bio Site should showcase to your audience. Most Bio Sites are built to link to social channels and blogs, primarily aiming to help social media influencers grow their audience and consolidate services.

For foodservice businesses, however, certain key aspects of linking are crucial. You must focus on these elements in your Bio Site:

Branding & Imagery

Like McDonald's iconic Golden Arches and Big Mac image, ensure your customers know they're on your profile with engaging images and consistent branding.

Social Links

Connect your customers across all platforms they find you on. If a customer lands on your Instagram and wants to navigate to your Facebook page or WhatsApp, your Bio Site can act as a gateway.

Delivery and Booking Links

An effective Bio Site can convert an Instagram viewer into an online order in minutes. Include direct links to your delivery or booking partners to facilitate quick decisions, orders, and bookings from your profile.

Unleash your creativity by linking any element that can add value to your business.

Using Google Maps can simplify your audience's journey to find your location - a perfect solution for food trucks, caterers, and mobile pop-ups!

🌟Integrating Google Reviews lets customers quickly view your ratings or even contribute their own feedback!

💡Don't forget about external partner platforms, which play a significant role in some businesses!

Linking your existing website allows you to draw customers more rapidly, guiding them back to your primary site. Think of a free Bio Site as a supplement to your existing website that better supports your customer needs.

So what is the cost of Bio Site Websites?

Most platforms operate on a freemium model, offering basic services for free with the option to upgrade or add features as needed.

The key to selecting the right platform is ensuring it aligns with your specific business requirements.

For social media influencers, options like LinkTree and Later are excellent choices, offering a free version to get started.

However, if you run a food service business, from a bustling market stall or food truck, a cozy cafe, a dessert shop, takeaway, fast food outlet, or even a Michelin-starred establishment, we recommend AllValue Link.

AllValue Link enables you as a business owner to create a unique Bio Site for your restaurant within minutes. You can manage and update it within seconds, and share it anywhere! Importantly, AllValue Link also offers an exciting feature: the ability to sell coupons. This is a strategic method to drive more sales, attracting customers with enticing offers.

🎁 Limited Time Offer: AllValue Link is now offering limited spots for restaurant owners to use AllValue Link for free (no subscription fee for 6 months, valued at $102). Please send us a message via the blue button at the corner right below or sign up for free and shoot us a message that you're interested in. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!)

What is AllValue Link?

AllValue Link is a mobile-first, one page website (also called link in bio) tool for local businesses to gain more leads, sales, subscribers and views on social media. Link to your socials, websites, services, blogs, digital products, and more with just one URL.

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