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6 Tips to Cook Up the Perfect Link Page for Your Restaurant (with examples!)
6 Tips to Cook Up the Perfect Link Page for Your Restaurant (with examples!)

Discover 6 innovative strategies to boost your restaurant's online presence using a Link Page.Turn your followers into loyal customers today

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You're set on ramping up your restaurant's social media marketing game. You've established your presence on Instagram and your posts are nothing short of fantastic. Now, it's time to monetize that social media buzz by creating a Link Page.

Wondering what a Link Page or a Link in Bio page is? Well, you're in the right place. In this piece, we'll define what a Link Page is, why it's essential, and what links to include for a kickstart to your social media marketing.

What is a Link Page?

Your social media bios have space for just one link, which can be quite restrictive. Each time you want to divert your customers to a different link, you need to replace the existing one. A Link Page comes to the rescue by providing a range of links under one master link.

Imagine this situation. You upload an Instagram post featuring your new holiday cocktail special. In the caption, you write something like,

“It’s time for Cranberry Martinis! Enjoy them tonight at our holiday happy hour (4-6 p.m.) while supplies last. Check out our Link in Bio for more info!”

A follower who comes across your post and wants more details will visit your profile and tap on the link in your bio.

Link in Bio pages are becoming the norm for businesses of all sizes. They're like the signage at an amusement park, pointing visitors in the right direction, helping them navigate quickly.

When crafting your first Link in Bio page, you'd want to include the most critical links that a prospective customer would want to discover. We've gathered some common links that typically appear on Link Pages, along with some unique ideas to set your social media apart. We’ve also thrown in some suggestions for social media posts that can channel traffic to your Link in Bio page.

So, without further ado, here are some effective ways to leverage a Link Page.

1. Online Menu Link

The first thing a majority of customers look for is your online menu. Ensure this link is prominent and readily accessible. When featuring your online menu, it's vital that your “Order Now!” button stands out.

For instance: “Explore our new online menu! Link in bio.” paired with a mouthwatering snapshot of a menu item.

2. Online Ordering Link

If your restaurant provides online ordering, make sure a link to your online order form tops your Link Page.

For instance: “Got a hankering for [best selling menu item]? Now, you can order online for pickup or delivery. Just tap on the link in our bio.”

3. Newsletter or Lead Capture Form Link

Digital communication, especially through text and email, plays a pivotal role in marketing for restaurants. By adding a link to a newsletter or lead capture form, you can keep your social media followers updated about new additions to your menu, special holiday deals, community events, and other important news.

Example: You could share an exciting update from your newsletter and then add something like, “To stay informed and receive a 15% discount on your next order, sign up via the Link in Bio!”

4. Promotion Details Link

Promotions are an excellent strategy to stir up organic interest in your business. Choose a promotion that aligns with an upcoming holiday, or craft a unique one yourself. Build anticipation by posting about it multiple times beforehand. Inform your visitors or customers that they can buy coupons/vouchers on link in bio.

Example: You could say, “For the first week of September, we're offering students a 10% discount! Reserve your table and buy coupons/vouchers today by clicking the link in our bio!”

5. Review Funnel Link

A survey conducted in 2020 by Bright Local revealed that 87 percent of consumers check out online reviews of local businesses. A Link Page can enhance your restaurant's online reputation and word-of-mouth marketing by making the review process seamless for your regular patrons.

Example: For instance, “Claim your 15% discount with our Yelp check-in offer! Just visit us, show the server your review or include a screenshot with your order notes, and we’ll apply the discount at checkout. Leave a review at the Link in Bio.”

6. Updated Business Hours Link

Sometimes, adjustments to your opening and closing times may be necessary. Spreading the word about these changes can be tough. A Link Page can lead interested followers directly to your updated hours page on your website.

Tip: Remember to also update your hours on Google Business and Yelp!

Example: “This season, we’re extending our holiday hours! We'll be open from as early as eight and won't close until 11. Check out our Link in Bio for the updated schedule.”


Fundraiser Link Utilizing your restaurant's platform to raise awareness about social causes can positively impact your brand image. A Link Page can guide intrigued audiences to a Gofundme page or the official website of a cause you're passionate about.

Example: Tell your followers that you’re organizing a fundraising event with a target of x dollars. Share details about the charity and offer to match donations to encourage people to contribute.

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