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What is the link in bio on Instagram? Why should we use it?
What is the link in bio on Instagram? Why should we use it?

Instagram users should use this link to direct their audience to the best possible landing page.

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why should we have link in bio on instagram

Using link in bio tools is a smart strategy for connecting Instagram posts to your business profile. We've all seen it so many times posted by popular brands and influencers on Instagram. It's a great strategy for growing your audience and business on Instagram, whether you're an influencer, a retailer or a brand owner. Let's learn more about that bio link right here!

1. Where does the "link in bio" go?

The bio section is the only place on Instagram where an influencer can put a clickable link, so it's where most direct their followers to when they want to learn more about them. However, if they want to show multiple pages to the people who view their profile, what they can do? For that reason, Instagram users should use this link to direct their audience to the best possible landing page. A landing page can be anything from a Facebook fan page to a contact form to a dedicated product website. A specialized link-in-bio tool is required for precise click tracking.

2. In what ways does bio link help?

Users can direct their followers to their website or product landing pages, or provide them with more information about their services, by including a link in their Instagram bio.

  1. Direct & Efficient Guidance :

    Simple audience segmentation can be achieved by providing links to different landing pages. It would be more effective to divert visitors to specific pages within the site rather than funneling everyone through the same path. It's a useful tool for studying directed traffic.

  2. PC&Mobile-friendly layouts :

    AllValue's link in bio allows for a lot of personalization. Choose from a variety of pre-made templates and layouts, or insert your own background image/videos to make a site that you feel special.

  3. Detailed statistical analysis:

    With AllValue's link in bio, anyone can perform data analysis. Insightful data, such as the number of clicks, pages viewed, and sales made from each link, will be gathered. This helps you better measure your business objectives and see whether you should make some adjustments to them.

3. Put a link in your Instagram bio: a step-by-step guide


Instagram profiles only allow for one active link in the bio. If you want people to visit your website, it makes sense to put your website URL in your Instagrm bio. Include a link in your Instagram bio is easy, as outlined below:

  1. Log in INS account on mobile app.

  2. Visit the profile

  3. Click on “edit profile”

  4. Click "website" and input a link.

  5. Saved changes

best link in bio instagram


Easy-peasy, right? Promoting a social media page on another social media platform is a smart way to increase exposure. Adding or updating the link on other social media sites is similarly simple. Follow these steps to add a link to your Facebook bio:

  1. Log into Facebook account

  2. open fanpage

  3. Visit the "About" page on profile

  4. Visit Contact and basic info

  5. Click " + " and input a website link.

  6. Saved changes

best link in bio facebook


One of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, offers an alternate version of online sharing. Follow these steps to add a link to your Tiktok bio:

  1. Log TikTok account

  2. Visit the Manage Account

  3. Visit the profile

  4. Paste your link URL into the Website field

  5. Click Save

best link in bio for tiktok

4. Instagram bio link tips

Is there anything I should know about making the most of the Instagram bio link? Undoubtedly, there are

  • Advertise a special offer.

  • Get the word out about the new product!

  • Connect to the most popular product.

  • Spread the word about a contest or freebie that you're offering.

  • Invite people to future campaigns or events.

  • Invite people to watch a video or listen to an audio recording.

  • Give away free samples of the product.

5. Who likes to use link in bio?

1. Business Onwer

Connecting the online store or website to Instagram comes after the first setup. It's simple to design a landing page to seem like a user's Instagram feed; then, when a user taps on a photo they like, they'll be taken to a shopping page featuring that item. In most cases, this is the ideal bio-link option for companies to market certain goods. You may increase your website's traffic and your sales with Instagram in this way more than any other.

2. Creators & Artists

By showcasing the fantastic artwork, it might turn casual art-lovers into devoted admirers. Whether you are a musician, a writer, a photographer or a painter, you want as many people to be able to know and share their works as possible, and in many cases, this involves getting them to the Spotify page or other website smoothly through a story link or a bio link.

3. Influencers

Most people who have a significant following on social media or are popular on live streaming sites do so across many sites. They can direct their audience to their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or other social media and live streaming sites by strategically placing a link in their bio. In this way, fans can easily locate their favorite influencers across all available channels.

Enterprises, brands, creators, and influencers may all benefit from using AllValue because it is a one-stop bio-link solution for them to drive traffic, monetize and engage with their audience on social media sites. AllValue is trusted by over 50000 businesses and brands all around the world. What are you waiting for? Try it free!

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