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Influencer: How to Make Money on Instagram? Monetize with AllValue Link
Influencer: How to Make Money on Instagram? Monetize with AllValue Link

Grow and Monetize Your Instagram Content with Proven Strategies

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"It can be difficult to make money as an influencer or content creator," Nicole, a fashion content creator on Instagram with 31,000 followers, declared. " However, with the right tools, you can set up a successful venture in a more straightforward and more efficient manner." Since 2021, Nicole has been posting daily outfit and makeup visuals, resulting in an increased following. Thus, she has been looking into different methods of profiting from her content, and has been able to secure a steady income of $3,000 per month through three main strategies.

Earn Commission by Affiliating Products With Clickable Links

"I love trying new products and sharing my reviews with my fans. Why don't I sell those amazing products when I share about them? "

Having a day job, Nicole prefers less struggle in shipping or resolving returns. The way to sell merchants without trouble is to affiliate products and earn commissions.

1. Shop My Look With Shoppable Links

"The makeup of my audience is mostly women. It is better to match my content style and not feel like 'selling out'. " For Nicole, the merchants are fashion-related, including clothing and cosmetics.

However, it is impossible to share clickable links in posts on Instagram, which means the audiences cannot be directed to the online store.

"Only one clickable link is allowed in the Instagram bio. I just put my, which can consolidate every link I have." Nicole said, "With AllValue, I can post my outfits with prices shown and my affiliating links connected. Then my fans can intuitively Shop My Look! "

shoppable and trackable link in bio for instagram for influencers

When her audiences click the "shop" or "add-to-cart" button, they can go directly to the checkout process with the tracking of Nicole's affiliate ID.

Just as usual, Nicole posted her outfits on Instagram. Then she added "link-in-bio" as a reminder in the caption.

link in bio for instagram

2. Affiliate Products From Amazon

Nicole also join the Amazon Influencer Program. Amazon offers a wide variety of products to promote, giving influencers the opportunity to find something that best fits their audience.

"They could be anything I like, gift ideas, cat products, or home decors. Just sign up for Amazon Influencer Program and put your storefront on AllValue."

clickable link for amazon storefront by allvalue

AllValue Make It Easier to Partner With Brands

"In the long run, influencers should cooperate with brands. It is a win-win when you can increase fame and brands can gain more impressions." Nicole said. "You can simply make content for them "

1. Contact Me: Receive more invitations from brands

To prepare your account for brands to pitch you, the initial way is to put your email on Ins bio.

"The problem is that people cannot copy the text from the bio. It is time-consuming to write down the letters and numbers of your contact info.", Nicole said, "I found a perfect solution from AllValue."

AllValue makes it possible for influencers to display multi-contact info, including WhatsApp and Messenger. The link can wake up Mobile App seamlessly when clicked. For example, when someone clicks your "SMS" with an iPhone, the Messages app will be opened and he can send you a text message right away. No need to type in any phone number!

2. Payment: Get Your Pay Instantly

"I used to take paychecks and have to wait for a week even a month sometimes," Nicole explained. " Now, I just send my AllValue link. The money goes directly into my bank account in a few minutes. "

get paid on instagram with allvalue link

Reward Your Audiences With Exclusive Discount

1. Exclusive Product Discount

Nicole found an excellent way to partner with her favourite brands while helping her fans save money. She gets exclusive discounts to share, like “NICOLE22”, and then earns 10%-30% of the order amount when someone uses the code. She just needs to add the discount code and update the links in her AllValue.

At first, Nicole was unsure if the payment amount would be worth it, but with each successful sale she made, the payback became more and more impressive. The brands she worked with also loved the idea, because it meant they got real sales instead of just more website traffic.

AllValue's instagram link in bio discount to consolidate audience

2. Reward: Consolidating Followers and Making Sales Can Be Done at the Same Time

Nicole uses AllValue to reward her audience with exclusive discounts. She encourages them to subscribe to her page to claim rewards and benefit from the special offers. This way, she can build her email list for later remarketing. Moreover, the reward activities help promote the brand.

To make the campaign even more successful, Nicole takes advantage of the countdown feature, setting a start and end date for the offers. This strategy has proven to be a great way to get people's attention and make her fans feel special.

instagram link in bio to reward audience

"I have to say... I love the templates of AllValue Link. They help me to create a visual aesthetic page without any skill in design. "

*The name and company info have been changed to protect the privacy of the interviewee.

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