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How to Make Your eCommerce Business Thrive? 5 Mins to Learn Them All!
How to Make Your eCommerce Business Thrive? 5 Mins to Learn Them All!
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How do you make your ecommerce business thrive? The answer is: nothing matters more than eCommerce customer loyalty. Even the slight increase of 5% in customer retention leads to 25% more profit. The retained customers are willing to spend 33% or more on each order [1]. The enthusiastic fans don’t just contribute to your turnovers but also come with other bonuses, such as enhanced brand exposure, upgraded customer acquisition, good PR, etc. So, while you work your ass off trying to gain new customers, you might as well invest more in retaining your old, familiar, and lovely old followers.

So, how to ensure eCommerce customer loyalty and keep your old followers by your side in the longer term? This article will show practical customer retention strategies to improve your eCommerce customer loyalty and boost your customer retention rate.

Frictionless Experience is Above Everything

Customers are the hardest to please. They can buy from you for a long time and then abandon you completely when the images load too slowly, another vendor has a cheaper item, or they just don't want to buy for no reason!

That's why creating a frictionless experience for your customers should be your top priority. The less process there is between customer entry and final checkout, the more likely you are to make a profit. For example, some people will forgo the "add to cart" feature altogether to urge customers to make a purchase and reduce cart abandonment rate.

Cultivate your customers through social media

If you think of social media as just a platform for posting and sharing, you're greatly underestimating its power! Playing well on social media can be an insidiously clever way to engage with your followers. So, engage your customers and push them towards their next order when the time is right.

For those placing their first order, try encouraging them to follow you on popular social media. A visually appealing flyer or a value-filled social media profile will help with this step. After moving them to your social media platforms, you can retain them in a variety of ways. Sharing relevant content that your customers will be interested in is a good place to start. Don't forget to show links and images of your best-selling products.

If you sense the desire of your followers, be generous and give them exclusive discounts that they will be happy with and ideally encourage them to take. When it comes to special occasions, such as holidays, launch contests to keep your customers motivated. Also, one-on-one messaging or interacting in the comments of your posts is a great way to promote loyalty.

One by one, step by step, you are on the right path to connecting with your customers and earning the loyalty of your eCommerce customers.

Always Keep the Personalized Customer Experience in Mind

Personalization is crucial to your eCommerce customer loyalty. Consumers do not enjoy being treated equally: they like being treated specially! So, the old, outdated, one-size-fits-all solution is not going to work its magic on your customers; only the personalized experience stops your customers from moving on to your competitors.

With AllValue, a one-page website builder that helps you consolidate all the content in a single page that matches your personality and brand, you don't need any coding or design skills. AllValue's templates are ready-made and fully customizable, with options for font styles, shape styles and background colors, and even images and videos can be embedded. AllValue allows you to connect with all audiences on different social platforms and get the most out of your content. In this way, you can share any information about yourself and sell your products and services with ease.

AllValue – We Offer Just the Things You Need

We have just talked about frictionless customer experience, social media engagement, personalization, and high-value content, but we are missing one crucial part of the whole jigsaw: the tool itself. No one makes bricks without straw. Without the eCommerce marketing tool armed with the features mentioned above, your chance of success is dim.

Fortunately, with AllValue, you can view your AllValue page analytics within a custom date range. You can get valuable insights including views & clicks track, social media analytics, location-based analytics and marketing traffic analytics. This way, you are able to better measure your business goals and optimize your content. Best of all, AllValue offers this feature for free! (You need to pay for it on Linktree!)

Apart from that, AllValue is not only a free QR code generator but also an easy-to-use tool to increase audience engagement (Tipping and Donations, Rewards, Subscription Links, Request Links, Like Buttons etc. See more details, please visit:

Social Commerce Trends for 2023 and Beyond

1. Frictionless experiences are gaining more loyalty

Consumers are not ready to wait for a long time due to digital inconvenience. Brands with modern business models are, therefore, ensuring frictionless and smooth buying experiences across almost all platforms to win the hearts of buyers. Seamless shopping experiences lead to increased retention rates. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to customer experience. Do some research about it and try to spot problems customers face while purchasing. Consider removing unnecessary and long steps to provide digital convenience to customers.

2. User-centered content remains an essential part

People use social media platforms mainly to communicate and exchange information. However, social media can also be used for branding purposes too. Today, both small and big brands have been creating ads to promote and sell products. But don’t forget that modern-day consumers inclined to traditional ads less. Rather, they prefer subtle branding. With the changing behavior of modern-day buyers, brands are paying attention to offering relevant product information to potential buyers in a subtle way. User-generated content has been considered to be an effective way to grab buyers’ attention

3. Livestreaming is expected to grow

Another social commerce trend for 2022 is the use of live streaming. To promote their products to a broader audience, successful brands have been using Facebook Live, Twitch, and other streaming apps. On the other hand, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have worked excellently for brand promotion to a selected or small group.

4. Working with micro-influencers becomes much relevant

Micro-influencers still play a vital role in reaching a wider audience. Small to medium-sized companies with a tight budget depend on micro-influencers to reach a specific audience. The best part about collaborating with small influencers is that they focus on specific audience types. Also, people trust them more since they are considered to be more authentic and transparent compared to big names. Working with micro-influencers will undoubtedly be beneficial for brands, aspiring to boost conversions.

Now, you might have got some idea about the latest social commerce trend for 2023 and beyond. Well, every business is unique and likely to deal with different challenges. Therefore, your business needs customized solutions. AllValue focuses on business-specific one-page website design and marketing strategies. To know how AllValue’s product and service can empower your brand, quickly check out the official website.

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