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How to Share Your AllValue Link On Socials?
How to Share Your AllValue Link On Socials?

Promote and Sell Anything Through Your Social Networks

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Once you have created your AllValue link and decided which products and services you want to promote/sell, you can put your AllValue link on any platform to drive traffic into the destinations you want.

➕Add a Link to Instagram Bio

  1. Visit the Instagram app. Go to“Edit Profile”

  2. Simply copy your AllValue link URL.

  3. Paste it into the "Website" field.

➕Add a Link to TikTok Bio

  1. Simply copy your AllValue URL.

  2. Go your TikTok profile, click on “Manage Account” and click on“Edit profile”.

  3. Paste your AllValue link URL into the Website field, then click Save.

    💡 You may need to switch to a TikTok business account.

➕Add a Link to YouTube Bio

  1. Open YouTube on the webpage, go to your YouTube channel.

  2. Click on“Customize Channel”, then click on“Basic info”.

  3. Under Links, add a link title and paste the AllValue link into the "URL field" and click "Publish"

➕Add a Link to Facebook Bio

  1. Simply copy your URL.

  2. Go to the“About”page on your profile.

  3. Click on“Contact and basic info”, then click on“+”Add a website.

  4. Paste your URL into the“Website address”field, and click “Save”.

➕Add a Link to Twitter Bio

  1. Simply copy your URL.

  2. Go to your profile, click on“Edit Profile”.

  3. Paste your AllValue URL into the Website field.

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