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Don’t Do Them! 7 Things You Should Avoid in Ecommerce Social Media Marketing
Don’t Do Them! 7 Things You Should Avoid in Ecommerce Social Media Marketing
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A successful branding highly depends on exposure and connection with customers. Marketers aim to promote their brand to reach as many people as possible. However, starting an eCommerce social media marketing campaign is just the first step. It would be of great help if you learn some tips and tools to reach your targets, as it is required of marketers to master the basic knowledge, along with some marketing tools to do social media eCommerce right. The effectiveness of promotion depends on marketers' sensitivity and insight into the eCommerce industry as well.

So, to avoid more losses than gains, do not overlook these details of eCommerce social media marketing. In this article, we will lay out 7 things that you should avoid in eCommerce social media marketing:

Don’t Do Them! 7 Things You Should Avoid in Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

1. Don’t take branding as a short-term task

Building your eCommerce brand in social media marketing is a long-term task that requires more effort. In order to stand out in this market, you need to constantly remind your customers of your brand identity, value and proposition. Sharing your values can help build a lasting connection with your target audience. Try creating a mutual communication channel, by making progress with them, hearing their voices, and letting them share their feedback in social media interactions and activities. This is the healthy way to brand in the longer term.

2. Don’t just do marketing alone, cash in on the words of internet influencers!

With the eCommerce social media marketing developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, internet influences endorsements have become a prevalent approach to content marketing for e-commerce sellers. Through endorsements, internet influencers deliver convincing information about products to consumers and consequently help e-commerce sellers reap attention and trust from consumers. Therefore, cooperating with internet influencers is of vital importance in marketing.

3. Don’t brat yourself, let your consumers do it for you!

What customers say about your brand is important in showcasing your company's reputation. Study shows that compared with highlighting the products by the company itself, sometimes leaving part of the job to customers can build more trust. Your potential customers may or may not trust your one-side promotive words, but they are more inclined to trust another customer's enthusiastic recommendation. Things like providing good customer service and listening to customers’ feedback carefully may leave a good impression and let them speak for you.

Don’t Do Them! 7 Things You Should Avoid in Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

4. Don’t play the old footage, try live streaming!

Gone are the days when an old clip would be played over and over again. With the development of eCommerce social media marketing, live streaming is becoming a common tool for marketers to create a virtual shopping experience for their online customers. The strategy involves live broadcasting to the target audience over social media platforms, so as to interact with them directly, while offering immediate answers about your products or coupons to accelerate their purchases!

5. Don’t forget to ride the tides of the festivals

With most people being plugged into social networks, festivals and events provide an excellent marketing opportunity. Simple social media marketing tactics such as using branded hashtags, holding a contest, enlisting influencers, and recruiting brand ambassadors can help you get more audience and leave them a lasting impression.

6. Don’t underestimate a mobile site

Most people access social media on their phones. If you are launching a social media marketing campaign, please do not underestimate the phone site. Optimizing the campaign for mobile version is the best way for you to reach more people and have better interactions with the target audience. For example, compared with computers, mobile phones can better reach clients during their fragmented time, and the GPS installed in their mobile phones facilitates marketing to be done in a more precise way.

7. Don’t be stingy, reward your customers with luck draws!

The worst social media marketing strategy is where your customers don’t think they earn anything from past shopping experience. One way to solve this problem is to provide your customers with luck draws that aligned with your product or service. This allows you to delight your customers and attract more attention in social media marketing.

Avoid These Hidden Risks with AllValue
Although the risks outlined above are usually hidden, you can avoid them by using the right tools and channels. AllValue is a platform that enables you to utilize social commerce to the fullest and grow your consumer reach. The platform supports:

1. Localized branding operation
2. Influencer marketing
3. Community marketing
4. Mobile-first solution
5. Luck draw customization

We all know that social media allow businesses and marketers to follow the activities of their customers and potential buyers. Similarly, you can also use social media to learn about the likes and dislikes of your target customers to help improve your marketing. However, all this information is only useful when you have the right tools.

AllValue bridges the gap for you, which is a good helper in eCommerce social media marketing. AllValue offers powerful social media marketing tools that help you reach more customers and build their loyalty. Choosing AllValue and you will be working with a professional advertising team to market your brand and take it a notch higher.

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