Contact Me app is live. You can now display your contact info on your pages, including SMS, Email, Adress and etc. Make AllValue Link your digital business card!

  • For store, you can direct your followers to your store by displaying store address( with Google Map Navigation! ).

  • For influencers, you can place your Email to let brands pitch you.

  • For e-commerce owners, you can direct your traffic to your Messenger or WhatsApp.

💡 The link can wake up related Mobile App (email/Google Map/phone/message/etc.) seamlessly when clicked.


1. Click +Add block button, find and hit Contact Me in Engagement section

2. Fill up Title, Content and Upload a picture.

💡 well-design block can attract more attention

3. Choose Contact type by clicking Add Contact

💡 Up to 6 kinds ,including Phone/SMS/Email/Address/WhatsApp/Messenger

💡 Address info will be searched on Google Map.

4. You can design the block by Advance Settings.

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