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Why We Should Use QR Code: A Comprehensive Guide in 2023
Why We Should Use QR Code: A Comprehensive Guide in 2023

Why we should use QR codes in businesses? How we can benefit from QR codes and improve our marketing efforts.

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QR codes have become a popular tool for companies of all sizes and types. They serve a wide range of purposes, from directing customers to websites to sharing contact information in vCard format. When customers scan these codes, they can quickly and easily access the information they need. This convenience helps build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

What Do QR Codes Mean for Companies?

One of the most significant benefits of QR codes is the ability to track metrics in real-time. This feature allows businesses to monitor their marketing initiatives and adjust their strategies accordingly. By analyzing the collected data, businesses can better understand their customers' needs and preferences, and tailor their marketing efforts to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

As a digital marketing expert, I can attest to the value of QR code tracking and the insights it can provide. It's a proven method for increasing customer engagement and improving business strategies that lead to higher profits. In this article, I'll provide an overview of how to use QR codes for tracking and offer recommendations and benefits for your business. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of how QR codes can help your business stand out in today's crowded marketplace. So let's get started!

2 Types of QR Codes

There are two types of QR codes: static and dynamic. Static QR codes are unalterable and are perfect for use in places like company brochures and product packaging. On the other hand, dynamic QR codes are more appropriate for time-sensitive marketing materials like coupons and promotions.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

Static QR codes offer businesses a simple way to create digital business cards without the need for traditional card stock or other printed marketing materials. However, the downside is that they cannot be monitored and evaluated for marketing purposes, and any changes require the creation of a new code.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, allow businesses to modify the code after it has been generated and printed. Additionally, the ability to track and analyze codes provides valuable insight into how often and where they are scanned. Nevertheless, one potential drawback of using dynamic QR codes is that they can only be updated via the internet.

AllValue Link is a free tool that provides companies with dynamic QR codes that allow you to change the content presented after scanning a QR code on your cell phone or computer anytime, anywhere, such as adding the latest news.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

When deciding which type of QR code to use, businesses should consider their goals and the type of metrics they want to record. For instance, Dress Forms USA, an online retailer of dress forms, may use static QR codes to direct clients to their contact, about us, and product pages. In contrast, dynamic QR codes will be more appropriate for time-sensitive discounts or seasonal specials.

How Can QR Codes Allow for Tracking?

QR codes have revolutionized the way businesses track their marketing efforts. Thanks to a tracking system developed for QR technology, each code is assigned a unique URL upon creation. As mobile devices record and save these URLs through scannable codes, businesses can gather invaluable information on the success of their campaigns.

By using dynamic QR codes, which allow for modifications, businesses can collect data on where, when, and how many times their codes were scanned, as well as the type of device and operating system used. Static codes, on the other hand, are limited to predetermined information. Most importantly, AllValue Link offers very powerful data analysis capabilities, all for free.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

With this data, companies can gain deeper insights into their customers, improve their advertising methods, fine-tune their ad networks, and make more informed business decisions. QR codes have truly opened up a new world of marketing possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

Why Use QR Codes for Tracking?

QR code monitoring offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to improve customer experience and refine their advertising strategies. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, QR codes can be used in a variety of ways to collect data, increase conversions, and streamline marketing efforts.

Here are seven advantages of QR code monitoring:

  1. Generate leads and convert them into customers QR codes can take consumers directly to a form where they can provide their contact details, making it easier for businesses to capture sales leads. Comprehensive data collected through QR code tracking can also help businesses better understand click-through rates, bounce rates, and page-close rates, which can be used to refine advertising strategies.

  2. Simplify online networking QR codes make it easier to exchange business contact information, particularly at large-scale meetings or events. Customers can quickly add contact information to their smartphones with a single scan of a QR code. This feature can be used to supplement traditional business cards, making it easier for potential clients to access an online portfolio or learn more about a product.

  3. Focus on customer satisfaction Businesses can use QR codes to expand upon a product's description for the benefit of the customer, even in traditional storefronts. By scanning a QR code, customers can access a store's website, videos, and product reviews. This feature can be used to attract customers inside a physical store or increase revenue generated from e-commerce by linking directly to a product page. QR codes can also be used to collect feedback and tailor offerings to customer preferences.

  4. Boost brand recognition QR codes can be placed in a variety of locations, including business cards, posters, and the exterior of a building, making it easier for businesses to expand their audience and attract more customers. QR codes can help spread the word about a company and build a strong brand identity.

  5. Increase participation rates QR codes can be used to pique the interest of target demographics, from promotional activities to access to premium materials. By granting customers access to additional content through QR codes, businesses can increase participation rates and gather valuable data about customer behavior.

  6. Gather data about customer habits QR codes are a valuable tool for collecting data about customer interactions and behavior, which can be used to refine marketing efforts in the future. Programs like Google Analytics can provide actionable data about client behavior and receptivity to certain campaigns.

  7. Optimize for a wide range of user types QR codes can be used to diversify user experiences and improve marketing and campaign opportunities, whether at an event, gathering, party, or launch. Businesses that take the time to learn how QR code tracking functions will have a competitive advantage when it comes to advertising, customer service, and name recognition.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of QR Codes

  1. QR codes offer a plethora of benefits that can revolutionize the way companies conduct their business. From saving money to enhancing customer service, QR codes are the future of advertising and digital transformation. By leveraging these advantages, companies can create a cohesive and unified experience for their customers.

  2. One of the most significant benefits of QR codes is their low cost and long lifespan. No matter the size of the business, QR code marketing can be utilized to promote products, services, and deals without the need for costly printing or production expenses. With the simplicity of creating codes and the ability to generate anticipation for new product lines, QR codes are a cost-effective and efficient option for businesses.

  3. Another advantage of QR codes is their effectiveness in data gathering. Businesses can track scans to collect client feedback, keep tabs on stock, and optimize business decisions in the long run. By monitoring the number of scans, geographical locations, and dates associated with such scans, businesses can streamline their procedures and gain valuable insights into their customers.

  4. QR codes are also consumer-friendly and easily accessible, requiring only a QR code scanner for customers to access information. In comparison to traditional surveys and data entry forms, QR code tracking is more efficient, non-obtrusive, and adaptable. By using QR code tracking, companies can acquire more data and information from their target market while maintaining customers' privacy and increasing their trust in the company.

  5. Finally, QR codes are the future of advertising, providing a great opportunity for companies to connect with their target audiences in a form that is already recognizable to the vast majority of people. As we continue to move towards a more digital world, it is crucial for companies to adopt new innovations and leverage the advantages of QR codes for their business. With their cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to enhance customer service and data gathering, QR codes are undeniably the wave of the future in advertising.

How to use AllValue Link to customize your own QR code

Start by customizing your own AllValue Link one-page website and download a dynamic QR code that can be used for any occasion. AllValue Link QR codes allow ads, brochures, posters – to direct audience to mobile landing pages that contain far more information and interactivity than printed page can offer. Let's say you download the AllValue QR code and print it out for packaging. Then, if customers really like your product or service, they can scan the QR code and follow your social media pages for more updates.

Tracking Success with QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide in  2023

You could also lead your customers to a signup page through scanning AllValue Link QR code for a discount or promo at the check out desk. This eliminates the hassle of accessing the website and the process of navigating through the pages. With a promo, this can stimulate your customers to come to your store next time.


In today's digital age, businesses must keep up with the ever-evolving technology landscape. And QR codes offer a simple yet effective way to kickstart that transformation. By implementing QR code tracking, businesses can reap multiple benefits such as cost-effectiveness, data accuracy, and improved customer experience.

Are you ready to take advantage of these benefits and bring your business to the forefront of digital innovation? Look no further than AllValue Link, the provider of QR code tracking solutions. With their user-friendly platform, you can quickly generate and display QR codes, and start tracking data in no time. Don't wait, join the QR code revolution today and take your business to the next level!

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