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Marketing Your Company on the Best Social Media Platforms
Marketing Your Company on the Best Social Media Platforms

Putting in the effort to connect with your target demographic is crucial to the success of your business.

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The choice of which social media platforms your brand will appear on should be made with caution, as it is not necessary to have a presence on every platform. It wouldn't look good, for instance, if you joined Twitter but rarely used it. Instead, focus on some social media platforms that will help you reach your goals.

Several of the most important social media platforms that businesses use for advertising will be discussed in this article. What's more, we'll talk about the expectations consumers have of brands in each of those settings.

Putting in the effort to connect with your target demographic is crucial to the success of your business. You should make sure that your intended audience is both A) present on the channels you've chosen and B) anticipating and desiring the type of material you want to share with them.

All right, let's begin with Facebook.


The natural transmission coverage for brand postings on Facebook is notoriously poor. Businesses, in other words, must "pay to play" in order to participate.

There are a lot of people currently using Facebook, the website reported lately that it has nearly 1.6 billion DAUs.

"A majority of Facebook users (74%) check in at least once every day, as shown by data compiled by Sprout Social. Half of them log into Facebook many times daily."

Perhaps now you find the idea of advertising on this platform more appealing than you did before.

How do Facebook users actively participate?

It has been found by marketing firm HubSpot that a sizable section of Facebook's younger user base uses the platform primarily to consume material including "online news, business, and lifestyle stories."

Understand this is crucial for your marketing efforts. It shows that Facebook is a reliable place to share crucial updates, such as those about new products and services.

In this light, Facebook could be a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal for audience engagement if such material is consistent with your brand's ethos. The best way to know for sure is to check the demographics of your Facebook audience and see if they match up with your ideal customers. If that's the case, tuning in to this channel could be beneficial.

If this isn't working, remember that Facebook advertising campaigns may be run for money to attract new, relevant fans to your brand.


Let's check out Twitter right now.

Twitter may be best known as a tool for encouraging "word of mouth" advertising, but it also offers numerous outbound marketing possibilities. By appearing on platforms where target customers are mainly active, brands can use this opportunity to easily and actively communicate with their potential customers

One of our favorite statistics from Hootsuite is the following:

"The average person's ability to recall information seen on Twitter is 31% higher."

So, tweets are more likely to be remembered than those from any other online source by about a third. Why? Perhaps this is due to the concise nature of tweets.

That could just reflect the attitudes of the people that use the service. They are ready to learn new things and take in fresh perspectives.

Whatever the case may be, you now have a starting point from which to consider the material you should publish on this channel. Tweet industry statistics or your company's take on breaking news in your field.

To what extent does Twitter differ from other social platforms?

Twitter customer care responses are now an expected standard. Make sure you have a system in place and the people to respond to these messages if your brand is active on this channel. Twitter isn't just a great place to provide customer service; it's also a fantastic place to connect with users and consumers in order to gain their trust.

Actually, "Companies employing Twitter for customer service report a 19% rise in customer satisfaction," and "76% of consumers are likely to suggest the company following courteous treatment," both of which are claims made by Brand Watch.

Once again, there are numerous openings to strengthen your clients' attachment to your brand. Further opportunities exist to make meaningful connections with customers.


There is a substantial and engaged Instagram user base, with over 500 million daily active users. Therefore, there are a plethora of viable options for brands to effectively communicate with their target demographics. Whether you're an influencer or a business, or both, connecting with one another is essential.

This statistic from the Global Web Index is fantastic because it provides a clear picture of the channel's level of participation. Over a third of Instagrammers have made an online purchase from their phones. There is a 70% increase in likelihood compared to those who are not on Instagram.

Streamlining the Purchasing Process for Customers

Instagram advertising are ubiquitous, as we're sure you've seen. Ads can now be clicked on directly to take users to the platform's streamlined purchasing process. Your competitors are probably already using Instagram, which is another incentive to consider joining the platform for your brand.

As Instagram Business puts it, "about 80% of all Instagram users follow a business on Instagram." As a rule, we wouldn't suggest joining a social network just because your rivals do. But let's pretend for a moment that you're a store. Instagram's user base and the platform's user-friendly buying process could be important to your social media marketing strategy.


When it comes to finding new business contacts, LinkedIn is the best social media site. It caters to a certain subset of the population: those actively seeking answers to problems they're facing in their careers.

Advice, suggestions, job listings, and related information predominate in the content provided on this channel, making it less of a dumping ground for random information.

A Platform for Business-Related Material

A whopping 91% of executives say LinkedIn is their go-to source for industry-specific material. This reveals a wealth of information about the types of material that resonate on this platform, and thus the kind of content your brand may publish that will interest its audience on LinkedIn.

People use social media to kill time, have fun, and be entertained when they are bored. Instead, they spend a lot of time on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn Business, 80 percent of all B2B leads originate on LinkedIn. There is a strong desire and appetite for information that can help individuals improve their skill sets and advance in their chosen professions.

Therefore, if your company's target market is other businesses, LinkedIn may be an invaluable resource for finding new customers and keeping existing ones interested.

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